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As the owner/director of Legacy Dance Boutique, I can't say enough how thrilled I am to be carrying on the legacy of Melva Smith School of Dance!  I was a student of Miss Melva's from the age of 6, and have taught for her for the past 24 years.  It has been such an incredible blessing to have been a part of this wonderful studio for so many years.  As a child, I learned so many valuable life lessons from Miss Melva.  As an adult, she has been a wonderful mentor to me in so many different ways.  She is now ready to have a little break from running the studio, so I am beyond grateful and humbled that she has chosen me to carry on the Richardson studio!  She still loves teaching, and we are so blessed that she has decided to continue teaching ballet at our new location.  Now that I have a two daughters old enough to dance, I'm thrilled they will have the privilege of being influenced by such an amazing lady!

If you would like a safe place for your daughter or son to come to be encouraged and strengthened as a dancer, then you would love to become a part of our dance family!  We have a rich, 38 year heritage, and we have had many of our students go on to become Captains/Officer of their Drill Teams, Rangerettes, Dance Instructors, Professional Dancers, and the list goes on.  Taylor Mackintosh is one of those who was Captain at J.J. Pearce High School in 2012, and then went on to be a Rangerette 2012-2014.  She will be heading up our drill team prep classes.

Our classes begin in September!!.  Feel free to call or text me at 214-405-1996 with any questions.

Miss Brennon :) 


​​Hi friends and families! My name is Taylor Mackintosh and I am the instructor for our Drill Prep class. I am a former captain of the J.J. Pearce Pacesetters, a former Kilgore College Rangerette, and will graduate from Texas A&M this December (Gig 'Em!).This summer has been so great for us with our new studio becoming a reality. Miss Brennon has created Legacy Dance Boutique to continue the dance family Melva Smith has been building since 1980. As a former dance student of Melva Smith School of Dance I can honestly say I would not be the woman I am today without having had teachers who loved and cared about not only me and my dance education, but also about instilling important character values into me. I was fortunate enough to grow up having that studio to call my second home and enjoy dancing alongside people who have become my lifelong friends and support system. There is truly no other dance studio experience like this, which is why we are carrying on Miss Melva's legacy at our new location. I couldn't feel more excited to share Legacy Dance Boutique with students throughout the area and help give them the same experience I was blessed to receive. I hope to see you at our welcome party on July 29th at our new location!

Hello friends! My name is Parris Reed and I wanted to share my testimony of this studio that is so precious to my heart. A little about me: I danced at Melva Smith for 16 years and I taught for 3 of those years as well. I was captain of the Berkner Bandoleras in 2012, and I just graduated from Texas A&M, WHOOP! Dance has always been near and dear to my heart thanks to this studio. Not only was the dance education and training I received excellent, but the people I met are still in my life (I can't seem to get rid of them). I would not be the woman I am today if it was not for the teachers and friends at Melva Smith School of Dance. The love and support that pours out of this studio is like none other. The teachers instill values and morals that allow young women and men to make positive decisions while facing the obstacles of growing up. They promote positive self-image and thinking while encouraging everyone to be confident in the person they are! I found more than a dance studio I attended four days a week, I found a second home, a safe place, and a family. I am so excited that Mrs. Melva passed the legacy of her beautiful studio to Miss. Brennon. Miss. Brennon is not only one of my favorite people in the entire universe, but she is a dear friend and mentor. Brennon is an honest woman of Christ and embodies the qualities a young woman or man aspires to be. I am excited to be helping with the administration aspect of the studio! Please do not hesitate to message me or even text or call, 469-363-9523. I hope you choose Legacy Dance Boutique to be your dance home.

Hi there My name is Sara Buttine Parsatoon, 
Here is my testimony for the Legacy Dance Boutique.

Ever since I can remember I was dancing, and it all started at Melva Smith School of Dance. The studio was more than a place to learn dance steps and technique. From the moment you step foot in the studio we the dancers were instilled and inspired with lessons of etiquette, responsibility, grace, discipline, determination and strength. I find myself utilizing these traits 15 years later in corporate meetings. These skills Miss Brennon and Miss Melva instill throughout lessons are a major part of who I am today.

During my time at the studio it truly became a second home and safe haven. Miss Brennon pushed me to be my best and gracefully supported me through my goals of competing on Miss Melva's competition team, lead roles in the recitals and become an award winning 1st Lieutenant for the RHS Eaglettes. I learned technique to prepare me for the stage and field, teaching classes and grow into my college years.

Learning dance is more than just movement, it's a part of who we are, it's telling stories and allowing ourselves to feel free. Having that experience was something I knew I needed to continue. When making the choice of colleges I knew dancing was a must because of this. I went off to Sweet Briar College to double major in Dance and Merchandising/ Marketing. I had the confidence from the technique, versatility of a breadth of genres and strength pursue my dreams. During college I choreographed many pieces for the dance department and produced a Senior Dance Concert.

Dance is my heart and soul, I know dance will always be a part of me and that is because of the high caliber of education, support and home I found within these amazing teachers. Constantly teaching- there is never a dream too big and sight too far. Recently I had the opportunity to reach my dream of all dreams performing at the Alvin Ailey Theater in New York City under direction of Kristin Sudeikis .

My passion and need of dance will always be front of mind from these lessons of respect, strength, poise and determination-- and that extends way beyond the dance floor.

I am truly thankful for my second home, studio and lessons of life from Miss Brennon and Miss Melva!

A family that will last a life time! Hello, my name is Ashton Wyatt and here is my testimony about this wonderful studio I grew up at and is now a legacy!!

Walking to dance four days a week, opening the doors and feeling content and welcomed. Learning new technique and phrases each week with high energy and passion by the teachers. Sharing memories and stories and laughing together. The curtain rises, the lights are on and it is time to dance! That is the definition of a dance family! I found my dance family at the age of four and continued to dance growing up.

I am now a dance major at Texas Woman's University going into my fourth year. I was in a faculty piece on the main stage during the fall and a Duet in the spring of last year. Miss Melva, Miss Brennon, Miss Emily, and all the others truly taught me so much about dance. They taught me about dance etiquette, proper technique, life lessons and so much more! I have created long lasting memories with the group of friends I grew up with. Dancing at college and hoping to get my masters afterwards has truly made me grateful for going to the studio every night growing up. I am excited to see the new studio and the Legacy being passed down to Miss Brennon. Miss Brennon is the teacher I adore and look up to every time I see her. She is a wonderful role model and so are the others. I have learned over the years, all these teachers look at you in the eye, correct you as you go, and MAKE YOU STRONGER!!! This studio has a special place in my heart forever and always.

Hello! My name is Becky Richardson and I am so excited about the opening of the Legacy Dance Boutique. This dance boutique is a continuation of the legacy that was established by Miss Melva Smith. I started my dancing career as a young girl with Melva Smith School of Dance in 1995. I danced all the way through high school, during college breaks from Texas A&M (Whoop!), and after graduation. I also had the opportunity to teach a few dance classes. When I moved back to the Dallas area to pursue my teaching career, I started taking classes again and teaching tap classes. My heart felt fill again. This studio was my second home. I knew every night when I want to class I would be surrounded by friends that I considered family. It was a safe, supporting, and most caring environment I had outside of my home. Miss Brennon was an incredible supporter of me and helped me to believe in myself even when I didn’t want to. Miss Brennon and Miss Melva truly cared about each student as an individual person, not just a dance student. They taught life lessons and morals. They are fantastic teachers and mentors. I am so happy they are able to keep touching the lives of children throughout the Dallas area.

Legacy Dance Boutique

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